Check out our TRUE Beginner-level Programs for women, and infuse your days with our Badass Babes ways!
No experience necessary, just the passion to DANCE and have fun!



Beginner Programs!

In our 8 week programs our women acquire the basics and fundamentals of learning how to pick-up, execute, and perform hip-hop and heels choreography! Each week dancers will work on these techniques, practice their skills within short combos, and eventually work on one final piece of choreography. 
Beginner Babes are great for women wanting to regain, boost, and unleash their confidence in a safe and empowering environment, as well as dancers who have past experience wanting to get back into the swing of things!
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Grab your favorite pair of heels and get ready to channel your inner Badass Babe! Choreography will feature the slow and seductive, as well as the strong and bossy!

Warning! Confidence WILL BE BOOSTED! ;)



 This beginner level hip-hop program is for ladies interested in getting an amazing workout while learning upbeat choreography! Add a little "swag" to your step and enjoy a fun new way to challenge your body!

Who We Are:

Badass Babes Toronto is a commercial dance training company for women of skill levels; from beginner to experienced professional.  Our programs are built on a strong foundation of encouraging empowerment, confidence and personal growth for all, in a safe and entirely judgement- free environment. In addition, Badass Babes always strives to offer the most valuable, consistent, and current professional guidance for dancers.

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