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Meet Danny and Chelsea

Creators of Badass Babes Dance

Two different people, two different paths, one beautiful dream.

When Danny and Chelsea met they both carried the same desire to create an uplifting community of dancers in which they could infuse their style, knowledge, training and passion into. Their goal for this community was to ensure dancers always felt safe, supported and valued throughout their training journey. A community dancers could always call "home", and fellow dancers they could call "friends". With these passions in mind, Badass Babes Dance was birthed, and continues to change the lives of dancers across the globe today!


About the Babes

Badass Babes Dance is a commercial dance training company that was founded in January 2016.

From beginner level, to experienced professional, we have options for everyone. Our programs are built on a strong foundation of teaching in a way that inspires self-growth, development, confidence and higher self-esteem in a safe and entirely judgement-free environment. In addition, our Badass Babes instructors always strive to offer the most valuable, consistent and current professional guidance for dancers. Our goal for our dancers is that they not only leave us as stronger dancers, but stronger people, inside and out.

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