Season 12

These women are passionate, dedicated, hard-working, and kind individuals who are motivated to achieve their goals, and break their boundaries!
You can see our talented dancers perform LIVE every 4 months at the
Mod Club Theatre!
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Jessica S.
Madison H.
Stephanie G.
Adri C.
Amy B.
Cristina D.
Zahshanne S.
Taylor PZ.
Anna H.
Chelsea C.
Nancy R.
Victoria G.
Nicole A.
Allisa G.
Torri H.
Rebecca M.
Rachel Z.
Zoe R.
Michelle A.
Alyssa A.
Natasha W.
Katie M.
Larissa W.
Yuliia V.
Jamie A.
Josette J.
Jocey V.
Jessica N.
Bronia M.
Vanessa R.
Erin B.
Brianne K-G.
Natalie Z.
Joslynn J.
McKenna W.
Christina F.

Who We Are:

Badass Babes Toronto is a commercial dance training company for women of skill levels; from beginner to experienced professional.  Our programs are built on a strong foundation of encouraging empowerment, confidence and personal growth for all, in a safe and entirely judgement- free environment. In addition, Badass Babes always strives to offer the most valuable, consistent, and current professional guidance for dancers.

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